Corporate Therapeutics employs the best massage therapists and teachers to elevate your work environment to the next level.


Massage Therapy

In just a short amount of time, your employees will feel less stressed with improved physical and mental well being. People who would have otherwise called in sick due to pain or headaches often come in because they are scheduled for a massage.


For beginners to more advanced students, our teachers provide well-rounded classes for everyone to enjoy. After taking a yoga class at work, employees may experience reduced pain and feel less stressed while sitting for long durations at their desk.


Guided meditations allow employees to shift their minds to a state of relaxation. They learn to use meditation as a tool to solve personal and work-related problems.  

tai chi


Tai Chi is a beautiful practice from China that incorporates slow fluid movements with relaxed breathing to bring about a peaceful state of mind.


Group training

Group training classes come with many health benefits. A high energy workout is a great way to start the day and can provide your employees with long lasting energy. 



Pilates is a low-impact exercise designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and to enhance mental awareness.



The convenience of having chiropractic offered at work saves people time and can reduce neck, back and other types of pain caused by sitting for long periods of time.

Lunch and learns

You provide the lunch, we provide the fun learning experience. Employees will learn from healthy experts in the field. Topics include weight loss, nutrition, essential oils and stress reduction.  

Investing in your employees' health and well-being is a smart investment for your organization. Here's why:

In 2010, lost productivity due to pain, cost American companies approximately $300 billion.
    -American Academy of Pain Medicine                                     

94% of full-time employees believe their stress level affects their job performance.
    -The Partnership for Workplace Mental Health & Meritain Health

According to a 2013 study, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which commonly include strains and sprains, account for 33 percent of all workplace injury cases.  
-United States Department of Labor

In one study, 42.6% of all employees surveyed, reported having back pain exacerbations.
    -American Academy of Pain Medicine

Productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion each year or $1,685 per employee.
 -CDC, International Monetary Fund

Stress is accountable for nearly 75% of all doctor visits.
-The U.S. Center for Disease Control



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